With the legacy of producing the highest quality ventilated ribs comes the know-how of seasoned craftsmen. Many of the professional Simmons gunsmiths have been with Simmons for decades, helping to build Simmons into one of the most innovative custom and repair facilities in the world

Ventilated Ribs

Simmons invented the free floating ventilated rib! In 1947, Simmons began silver soldering the rib post on barrels which creates a bond 10 times stronger than that of other methods. This gun modification set the standard for the industry. Learn More»

Seasoned Craftsmen

In 1954, Simmons began installing ribs on the Model 42 shotgun for Winchester. To this day, Simmons has installed over half a million ventilated ribs for major manufacturers and individual gun owners like you. Learn More»

Winchester Model 12

All of our restoration processes on the Winchester Model 12's and 42's are highly detailed. The model 12 and 42 stocks are dimensioned precisely to factory originals. The stocks have correct diamond patterns with 22 LPI checkering. Learn More»
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