About Us

Ernie Simmons, Sr. 1903-1970 – Founder of Simmons Gun Specialties and Inventor of the Simmons Ventilated Rib

Opened in 1945, Simmons Gun Repair and Sales, Inc. is a full service gunsmithing facility that handles anything from basic repairs to complete restorations. Simmons has built its reputation on the installation of ventilated ribs on all makes and models of shotguns. The backbone of the busines has been specializing in work on Model 12’s and Model 42’s. Over the years, the people at Simmons have built a foundation for success by taking pride in their work and providing high-quality service.

You would be surprised at how many of our customers contact us every year to  ask  us to work on what they call  “hopeless”  guns. Our Simmons Gunsmiths feel a special pride in restoring these “hopeless” guns to a renewed handsomeness and new life, adding years of dependable service and instilling in the owner a sense of new-found pride in his or her gun.

We at Simmons, understand that these guns mean a great deal to you and in many instances there is a tremendous sentimentality factor involved. We want you to know that we share your feelings for that “hopeless” gun and we’re proud and pleased that you have complimented us by placing that treasure in our hands. We will do our utmost to justify your confidence in Simmons by simply providing the ultimate in gunsmithing craftsmanship.

Because of Simmons’s long-time reputation for quality and excellence, more than 470 dealers worldwide rely on Simmons for their special repairs and custom work.


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