Barrel Work & Blueing

Pricing for Barrel Work & Blueing Services

Standard Reblue Services

Any Rifle, Pistol or Single Barrel Shotgun 250.00
Over/Under or Side by Side 425.00
Any Single Barrel Only 150.00
Receiver only 150.00
Over/Under or Side by Side barrel only 275.00
Parts, Scopes Rings & Bases – Minimum 30.00

All Standard Reblue jobs include disassembly, inspection, reassembly and test fire.
Any extra parts of cleaning needed will be extra charges. If there will be extra charges
needed to complete your gun we will notify you before the work is done.
*Test fire and hazardous waste disposal fee of $5.00 charged on every repair.

Resolder – No Blueing

Resolder Side Ribs on Over/Under, Barrel only 200.00
Resolder Top or Bottom Ribs on Double Barrels, Over/Under 200.00
Resolder Top Rib on Single Barrel Trap 200.00
Resolder Barrel Lugs on all Barrels (soft solder-touch up blue) 75.00

Resolder with Blueing Standard Blue

Resolder Ribs on Over/Under, Barrel only & Blue 350.00
Resolder Barrel Lugs on Double Barrels & Blue 350.00

Barrel Work – Shotguns

Removing Dents or Straighten Barrel (At Customer Risk) – Minimum 75.00
Lengthen Forcing Cone 75.00
Open Choke,  Price per Barrel 75.00
Restamp Serial Numbers – Minimum 100.00
Pattern Check by Test Fire 35.00
Polish Inside Barrel 45.00
Cut and Re-bead Barrel 60.00
Rebuilding Hinge on Double Barrels, Over/Under 125.00

*We cannot back bore or open chokes on chrome lined barrels.

Barrel Work – Rifles

Chamber Casting to Determine Caliber 45.00
Reline .22 Caliber Barrels , No Blueing 300.00
Recrown Barrel – Minimum 125.00
Muzzle Brakes installed, Brakes included – Minimum 300.00
Magna Porting 300.00

Additional Barrel, Bluing, & Finishing Services

Color Case Harden Receivers and parts (Bone Process) 500.00
Gold Plate Triggers 75.00

Color Case Hardened frame – using the Bone Process

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