Repair & Service

Simmons Gun Repair offers a wide range of general firearms repair and restoration services. Our gunsmiths – some boasting 40+ years of experience – are able to service all types of firearms, nearly any make or model.

The list of services below is fairly comprehensive, but certainly not conclusive. ¬†With all that can go wrong with a firearm, it is not uncommon to need custom repair and restoration work beyond what you’ll find in the pricing table below.

If there is something else you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we can discuss your specific, individual needs.

Pricing for General Repair & Service

Clean, Oil and Test Fire

Clean, Oil and Test Fire Rifles 70.00
Clean, Oil and Test Fire Shotguns 70.00
Clean, Oil and Test Fire All Handguns 70.00
Clean, Oil and Test Fire Over/Under, Double Barrels 125.00

Clean, Oil and Test Fire includes complete disassembly, full inspection, cleaning and reassembly only.

All firearm repairs, which include parts, will be based on availability of parts required. In some cases parts may have to be made, which is based on an hourly shop rate.

Magazines must accompany all guns for repair.

Hourly Shop Rate is based at $75.00. Minimum shop charge is $35.00

Miscellaneous Repair & Services

Jewel Shotgun Bolt and Carrier 75.00
Jewel Rifle Bolt 80.00
Jewell Mono Blocks or Water Tables 75.00
Install Customer’s Scope and Boresight 45.00
Boresight Scope Only 20.00
Drill and Tap – Per Hole 20.00
Install Sights on Handguns 60.00

*Test fire and hazardous waste disposal fee of $5.00 charged on every repair.

Sights, Sight Installation (Shotguns)

Bradley Type Front Sight, Sight only, White or Red 25.00
Bradley Center Site, Including Installation 20.00
Bradley Front and Center Site, Including Installation 45.00
Front Hi Viz Site Green or Red 24.00
Simmons Metal Front Site Including Installation 15.00
Simmons Metal Center Site Including Installation 15.00

Choke Tube Installation & Chokes

Tru Chokes Installed, 12 and 20 ga Only, Includes 3 Tubes 200.00
Briley Tubes Installed, Includes 3 Tubes 325.00
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